Study Groups and Achievements

Group 5: Overview of the Experimental Exhibits of Research Results in Museum Studies

Group 5 addressed two issues: the experimental exhibition and training program for specialist curators.

The aim of the experimental exhibition was to integrate the topic of the program – pictorial materials, techniques of body and senses, environment – into the exhibitions and send out information. We chose “walking,” a universal human physical technique, as the focus. Firstly we decided on a theme, then went on to gather materials and plan and execute the exhibition. Our efforts resulted in a month-long exhibition held in November 2007.

The postgraduate curriculum for specialized training of curators requires the participants to be competent researchers and also have the insight and skills of museum curators. To enhance these qualities and to train skilled experts with systematic knowledge and insights regarding museums, we must create necessary programs. To realize this, we developed a postgraduate curriculum for specialized training of curators on the graduate school level in the fields of history and folklore. We also proposed a curriculum for museology to be offered at graduate schools.

Group 5

Researchers (As of 31 March, 2008)

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