Study Groups and Achievements

Experimental Exhibits of Research Results in Museum Studies

Experimental Exhibits

Keeping in mind why we chose the exhibition – a method rarely used in the past to present the results of nonwritten cultural material studies – we held many meetings to formulate its concept. We first picked a specific theme, namely “techniques of the body,” included among nonwritten cultural materials. Then we studied how effective the exhibition would be in showing people other than researchers the presence of nonwritten cultural materials and their prospects. Each group member presented a plan, and “walking,” the most basic physical technique, was chosen as the theme. Thus the exhibition concept “Walking – Memories Inscribed in the Body” was chosen.

The exhibition was prepared as a space where visitors could become aware of their memories inscribed in the body. By presenting most exhibits in the form of illustrated materials, we took on a new challenge of offering an “exhibition using nonwritten cultural materials.”

The exhibition attracted students of our university as well as local residents and researchers from other institutions. By setting up a system where the visitors could feed back their assessment of the exhibits, we showed the possibility of visitors taking part in the exhibits. In the exhibition we tried to omit textual information as much as possible and adopted a hands-on exhibition style.

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