Comprehensive Report on Research Activities

Experimental Exhibits

Group 5, which focused on Experimental Exhibits, held an exhibition entitled “Walking – Memories Inscribed in the Body” at the Reference Room of the Institute for the Study of Japanese Folk Culture (Building 3, Yokohama Campus, Kanagawa University) between 1-30 Nov., 2007 and 23-24 Feb., 2008. The exhibition, which attracted about 700 visitors, was a success.

The exhibition focused on “walking,” an action everyone has inscribed in his or her body, as a nonwritten cultural material. It offered the opportunity for each visitor to become aware of the memory of “walking.” Students of our university, local residents, researchers and others took part. By having the visitors feed back their assessment of the exhibits, we created a system that allowed the sender and receiver of information to communicate with one another. It was a great achievement to re-acknowledge the significance of the Experimental Exhibits.

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