Comprehensive Report on Research Activities


Kanagawa University 21st Century COE Program Young Researchers’ Workshop

Theme “Nonwritten Cultural Materials as Methods – Between Materials and Methods”
Date Saturday 26 January 10:30-18:00 (Registration begins 10:00)
Venue Audio-Visual Hall B (Building 16), Kanagawa University (100-seat hall; prior registration unnecessary)
Purpose Young researchers (PD, RA) and others involved in the Kanagawa University 21st Century COE Program “Systematization of Nonwritten Cultural Materials for the Study of Human Societies” will examine and discuss the prospects of nonwritten materials as methods and the process of systematizing them from their respective fields of study. This will be an attempt to turn nonwritten materials into a shared heritage of learning.
Details Poster, leaflet
26 January, 2008


10:30-10:35 Opening Speech
YAMAGUCHI Kenji (Program Representative / Head of workshop committee)
10:35-10:45 Speech on the background, purpose and structure of the workshop
WANG Jing (PD / Chair / Workshop committee member)
Session1: “Understanding Paintings”
PENG Wei wen (RA) “Paintings as a Way of Recording – Taking the Example of Women Depicted in ‘Prosperous Suzhou’”
SASAKI Hiromi (RA) “Interpreting the Composition of Paintings – In the Case of Ippen hijiri-e (Paintings of the Life of the Monk Ippen)”
Session 2: “Thinking On-site”
TSUCHIDA Taku (RA) “Characteristics and Usage of Research Photos – Concrete Blocks in Landscape”
KASHIMURA Kenji (former RA) “Nonwritten Cultural Materials and Language – Through Linguistic Images of Beijing University Students”
Session 3: “Perspectives from the Museum”
ONISHI Machiko (former RA) “Displaying Sensibility – based on Cases in Britain and Japan”
MARUYAMA Yasuaki (former PD) “Prospect of Museums in the 21st Century – A Few Thoughts that Occurred in Scandinavia”
16:15-16:45 Comments
KATSUKI Yoichiro (Program Representative)
KITAHARA Itoko (Program Representative)
AOKI Toshiya (COE Faculty / Curator, Matsudo City Museum)
16:45-18:00 Final Discussion
18:00 Closing Speech

Ritsumeikan University and Kanagawa University 21st Century COE Program Joint Workshop

Theme “Historical Disasters and Cities – Centering on Kyoto and Tokyo”
Date Saturday 26 August - Sunday 27 August, 2006
Venue 5th-floor Conference Room, Queen’s Tower A, Minato Mirai 21
Co-Hosts Ritsumeikan University 21st Century COE Program: “Education, Research and Development of Strategy on Disaster Mitigation of Cultural Heritage and Historic Cities”
Kanagawa University 21st Century COE Program: “Systematization of Nonwritten Cultural Materials for the Study of Human Societies”
Day 1: 26 August, 2006


13:00-17:00 Part 1 “History of Cities and Restoration from Disasters”
“Topographical Environment of Heian-kyo and Disasters”
KAWASUMI Tatsunori (Ritsumeikan University)
“Festivals in Heian-kyo and Disasters”
KATAHIRA Hirofumi (Ritsumeikan University)
“Fire and Disaster Prevention in Areas where Court Nobles Lived”
REIZEI Tamehito (Reizei-ke Shigure-tei Bunko)
“Fire and Restoration in Modern Kyoto”
SUZUKI Eiju (Kyoto Pharmaceutical University)
“Three-dimensional View of Landscape and Disaster in Kyoto”
NAKAYA Tomoki (Ritsumeikan University)
Day 2: 27 August, 2006
10:00-11:30 Part 2 “Great Kanto Earthquake and Society”
“Photos of the Great Kanto Earthquake and Map Database”
MOROI Takafumi (Kajima Corporation) KITAHARA Itoko (Kanagawa University)
“Relief for the Great Kanto Earthquake”
SUZUKI Jun (University of Tokyo)
“Society in the Wake of the Great Kanto Earthquake”
SATO Kenji (University of Tokyo)
13:00-14:30 Part 3 “Historical Disasters and Today”
“Disaster Prevention using Paintings – The Case of the Mikawa Earthquake”
HAYASHI Yoshinari (Nagoya University) KIMURA Reo (Nagoya University)
“Cultural Heritage and Marks Left by Disasters”
HAYASHI Yuzo (Agency for Cultural Affairs)
“Disaster Awareness in Daily Life”
KATSUKI Yoichiro (Kanagawa University)
14:40-16:40 Part 4 Discussion

Group 1 Open seminar on “Systematization of Illustrated Materials and Its Dissemination”

Theme “Interpreting Life Culture of Southeast Asia through Pictorial Materials”
Date Saturday 10 December, 2005 (13:00-17:00)
Venue Building 16 (2nd Conference Room), Yokohama Campus, Kanagawa University


Opening Speech
FUKUTA Ajio (COE Program Leader)
SUZUKI Yoichi (Professor, Faculty of Foreign Language, Kanagawa University)
Chinese: PENG Weiwen (RA, Kanagawa University COE Program
Chinese: WANG Jing (RA, Kanagawa University COE Program)
Korean: LIM Sung Hee (Graduate School of History and Folklore Studies, Kanagawa University)
DAI Li Quiang (Researcher, Liaoning Province Museum, China)
“Flourishing Suzhou” and “A Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival”
(2)MA Han Min (Zhong guo su wen xue xue hui, China)
“Life and Folklore of Suzhou”
(3)JANG Jang Sik (Curator, National Folk Museum of Korea)
“Aspects of Traditional Entertainment Depicted in Buddhist Paintings from the Chosun Dynasty”
KIM Jeong Ah (Kanagawa University / COE Joint Researcher)
“Function of the Genere Representation in Urban Paintings”

Pre-symposium of 1st International Symposium

Theme “Prints and Photographs from the Latter Part of the 19th Century – Creation of Events and Images”
Date Sunday 20 November, 2005
Venue Celeste Hall (Building 16), Yokohama Campus, Kanagawa University


10:30-10:35 Opening Speech
10:35-10:40 Welcome Speech
NAKAJIMA Michio (Vice president, Kanagawa University)
KINOSHITA Naoyuki (Professor, University of Tokyo)“How Photographs have Captured Events”
HARASHIDA Minoru (Member, International Ukiyo-e Society / 2003 COEJoint Researcher)“How Ukiyo-e has Captured Events”
SUZUKI Hiroyuki (Professor, Tokyo Gakugei University / 2005 COE Joint Researcher)“Transformation of Picture Records in the Meiji Period”
MASHINO Keiko (Lecturer, Waseda University / 2004 COE Joint Researcher)“Visible and Invisible Ethnic Groups – World View of ‘Yochi-shiryaku’ (a Geography Book)”
KANEKO Ryuichi (Researcher, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography / COE Joint Researcher)“Status of Kuichi Uchida’s Photos of the Emperor on his Trip to Western Japan and Kyushu”

“Purification, Rites and Techniques”

Date Saturday 23 July, 2005 (13:30-16:00)
Venue Building 17 (Room 215), Yokohama Campus, Kanagawa University
Moderator GU Xijia (Professor, Hangzhou Normal University)
“Significance of ‘wu yue shen ge’ in Cultural History – From the Perspective of Purification Rites”
GRAS Alexandre (Lecturer, Ritsumeikan University)
“Changing Role of Hososhi in Tsuina Rites”
Commentator HIROTA Ritsuko (Professor, Kanagawa University)
Organizer Department of International Business and Management,Faculty of Business Administration

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Digitalization of Illustrated Materials in Historical Studies

Date Thursday 28 April, 2005 (15:00-18:00)
Venue Building 21, Yokohama Campus, Kanagawa University
Chair OSATO Hiroaki (Kanagawa University)
SHIBAYAMA Mamoru (Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University)
“Information Technology, and History and Culture studies – Nonwritten Cultural Materials Seen as Spatial Information”
ONO Hiroshi (Contents Co., Ltd.)
“Large-scale Digital Archive of Nonwritten Cultural Materials and Advanced Technology”
KISHI Toshihiko (University of Shimane)
“Literature of Modern Southeast Asia – Digitalization of Nonwritten Cultural Materials and Open Usage”
SON An Suk(Kanagawa Univerisity)
“War and Pictorial Magazines – Magazines concerning the Second Sino-Japanese War and Concessions”
Organizer Department of Chinese, Faculty of Foreign Language
Kanagawa University 21st COE Program “Systematization of Nonwritten Cultural Materials for the Study of Human Societies”
Co-host Society of Humanities, Kanagawa University

The exhibition is over. Thank you for visiting us.

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