Comprehensive Report on Research Activities

General Study Meeting


5th Meeting (21 Dec., 2007)
HORIUCHI Hiroaki “Creating a Database on Former Sites of ‘Overseas Shrines’”
UEDA Sumihiro “Great Kanto Earthquake: New Method of Building a Database of Maps and Photos”
NISHIDA Yukio “Visualization of Fire Damage Caused by the Great Kanto Earthquake”
SON An Suk “Interim Report on Creating a Database on Concessions and Asia”
4th Meeting (9 Nov., 2007)
KUNIHIRO Akiko “Report on the ‘Berdache,’ Aboriginal People of British Colombia”
ONOCHI Takeru “Sneezing and Human Culture”
3rd Meeting (28 Sept., 2007)
WANG Jing “The Great Kanto Earthquake and Aerial Photos”
2nd Meeting (29 June, 2007)
MATOBA Akihiro “Reading Paul Ricoeur’s ‘Memory, History, Forgetting’ – Toward Theorizing Nonwritten Cultural Materials”
1st Meeting (20 April, 2007)
Report on last year’s study results by each group


6th Meeting (16 Feb., 2007)
SANO Kenji “Prospects of the Internet Eco-museum”
5th Meeting (22 Dec., 2006)
KATSUKI Yoichiro “Photography as a Means – based on Follow-up Research on the ‘Shibusawa Photos’”
4th Meeting (10 Nov., 2006)
KIMI Yasumichi,
MAEDA Yoshihiko “Compilation of the Pictorial Dictionary of Japanese Folk Culture (Multilingual Version): Present State and Problems”
3rd Meeting (29 Sept., 2006)
YAMAGUCHI Kenji “Physical Purification Techniques and Figures”
XIA Yuji “About the Dongba Ritual”
HIROTA Ritsuko “Comparative Study of Performing Arts using Motion Capture Techniques”
2nd Meeting (30 June, 2006)
OSATO Hiroaki,
SON An Suk,
TOMII Masanori “Human Activities Inscribed in Concessions and Settlements”
TSUDA Yoshiki,
NAKAJIMA Michio “Deciphering Traces of Human Activities Inscribed in the Environment – Centring on the Sites of Shrines in Korea”
1st Meeting (21 April, 2006)
Report of last year’s study results by each group


2nd Meeting (8 July, 2005, 18:00-19:30, Conference Room 804, Building 1)
Group 4: KINOSHITA Hirotsugu,
KINOSHITA Keiko (Research Collaborator) “Possession and Circulation of Nonwritten Cultural Materials in COE – Turning Materials on Tadami, Fukushima Prefecture, into Data”
Group 4: SANO Kenji “From Collaboration of Materials to Construction of a Resource Center – Case of Exhibiting Worship of Mount Iide”
1st Meeting (13 May, 2005, 17:30-19:00, Conference Room 804 Building 1)
Summary of last fiscal year and objectives for this year’s activities, presented by each group leader , HACHIKUBO Koshi “Publication of ‘Toward Turning the Environment and Landscape into Materials and a System’”


4th Meeting (12 Nov., 2004)
OCHIAI Kazuyasu “From Paintings to Photography – Change and Non-change in the Symbols of Non-Western Ethnic Groups”
3rd Meeting (29 Sept., 2004
TAGUCHI Hiromi “Landscape Montage – World where Hunting is Interwoven with Farming”
TOMIZAWA Tatsuzo “Digitalization of Illustrated Materials and their Usage in Historical Studies”
2nd Meeting (9 July, 2004)
MASHINO Keiko “Media in the First Half of the Meiji Period and Portrait of the Emperor”
1st Meeting (14 May, 2004)
Presentation of this year’s research plan by Groups 1, 2, 3 and 4


4th Meeting (31 Jan., 2003)
TAKAHASHI Ikuo (lawyer) “Challenging Technology for Intellectual Property Rights”
3rd Meeting (5 Dec., 2003)
KONO Michiaki “Search to Discover the Multiethnic Situation of the Ancient Japanese Archipelago with the Help of Physical Techniques and Sensibility”
2nd Meeting (31 Oct., 2003)
KAWADA Junzo “Aspects of Nonwritten Cultural Materials and their Study Method – Presenting Problems from the Standpoint of Anthropology – Fields including Culture of Sound, Physical Techniques, Implements and Sensibility”
1st Meeting (1 Oct., 2003)
KITAHARA Itoko, HARASHIDA Mamoru “Signs Left by the Earthquake and Pictures of Noted Places – New way of Reading ‘Meisho Edo Zue’ (One Hundred Famous Views of Edo)” SAITO Takahiro “Digital Input of Information on Pictorial Materials and Data on Motion”

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